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Our Mission is to support and promote Bowen Therapy as a gentle effective non-invasive therapy for all ages. Our Professional registered Practitioners maintain the ongoing educational requirements of “Bowtech – The Original Bowen Technique.”

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June Sobye

June Sobye


I first heard about Bowen in 1995 from a fellow Naturopathic student who said to me “ I don’t do massage, I do Bowen because it works”. So I trained as a Bowen therapist in 1996.

I love Bowen Therapy and the way it can help my clients recover. They enjoy the relaxation it brings along with the improvement in pain, posture and other symptoms. 

My favourite Bowen story is difficult as there are so many. A 12 yr old who had been visiting the local osteopath to no avail. Back pain when travelling was the worst as the family traveled a lot. One leg was growing faster than the other. Back pain disappeared after the first treatments . And we continued for the year as there was improvement in the leg length discrepancy.

I practice Bowen mostly from home and one day per week I practice in the health shop at Waihi Beach.

My biggest love is to while away time in the flower garden. I get much pleasure from eating my home grown food. I also LOVE sharing my knowledge with Bowen students I teach.

Debbie Newman

Debbie Newman


I first found Bowen, or rather it found me, in 1995 when I was living in Cairns, Australia. I was privileged to undertake my training with Ossie & Elaine Rentsch. Following my first course, my passion was ignited.

I love Bowen Therapy! People often come as a ‘last resort’, arriving quite stressed and unsure of what to expect; yet they leave feeling calm and full of hope for the outcome of their problem, having had a positive experience.

My favourite Bowen story was from when my Grandson was four. He had a chronic kidney condition which the doctor wanted to treat with long term antibiotics, or by removing his kidney. After one treatment, he had another scan, which showed a perfectly normal kidney.

My clinic is a delightful “She Shed “, in the front garden of my home. It is a lovely venue with people commenting on its peaceful feel.

I was born in East Africa, and when I am not working in my clinic I love Waka Ama and Line Dancing.

Alice Eldred

Alice Eldred


Meet Alice from “Soothe My Soul” in Hastings. Alice lives and breathes Bowen therapy.

We are super proud of Alice as she has been nominated in the Hastings Business Awards as Best New Business and Best Health and Beauty

Good luck on the August 26 Alice!

If you want to find out more about Alice and her amazing Bowen business in Hastings, here is the link to her website


What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowtech Bowen Treatment is a gentle form of body work that activates the body’s own healing mechanism. Moves are gentle and work on the connective tissue.

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Read about the man who developed The Bowen technique – Tom Bowen and the amazing work that he has passed on.

“Your body’s ability to heal is far, far greater than you’ve
ever been permitted to believe.”

~ Mo Rosati