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Bowtech Training in New Zealand


Learn Bowtech:

What makes Bowtech easy to perform and even easier to learn?
• Can be used safely from day one of the training
• Uses no medication or equipment other than your hands
• Performed through clothes with minimal touch
• Requires few sessions making it cost effective
• It simultaneously works to support physical, mental and emotional health
• May Support injury recovery
• Helps support sporting performance
• As it is the clients body making the changes you cannot do any harm
• May be suitable for acute and chronic painful conditions

The content of each module is standard in every country where the BTAA accredited instructors teach. This means that should you move to another country you can connect with other BTAA accredited instructors and continue learning the same procedures.

Contact your local instructor for Module 1-6 training dates/costs


Modules 7 & 8:

Having successfully passed Module 7, students wishing to pursue a professional Bowen career may charge for their treatments but must not advertise until they have attained their Diploma of Proficiency. Student membership applies until the Diploma is completed.For Diploma accreditation, the following professional training requirements may be completed in any order:
• 200 hours anatomy and physiology training. Can be cross-credited or studied by correspondence.
• 20 hours business studies
• Workplace first-aid
• A further 60 case studies of minimum of 2 treatments each. These you are allowed to charge for.
• Attend a further assessment weekend (Module 8) which must be approximately 6 months after Module 7.
• Public liability insurance either through any other health modality or this may be applied for through Bowen Therapy New Zealand.

Completion of the above then allows you to apply for Professional Membership of Bowen Therapy New Zealand and advertising may begin.

Modules 9 – 12:


Module 9: Specialised Bowen Procedures (SBP1)

Pre-requisite: Diploma and current Professional Membership.
Time frame: Approx. 6 months after registering as a Professional Member.

Module 10:

Timeframe: Approximately 6 months from attending Module 9.
This is a full review of Module 9 with a written assessment at the end of day 1.

An SBP1 certificate will be awarded on successful completion.


Module 11:Specialised Bowen Procedures 2 (SBP2)

Timeframe: Approximately 6 months from Module 10.

Module 12:

Timeframe: Approximately 6 months from Module 11. A full review of Module 11 with a written assessment at the end of day1.


An SBP2 certificate will be awarded on successful completion.

Post-graduate Training.


Visiting instructors present seminars from time to time, on Mind Body Bowen, Sports Bowen, Bowen for Immobile & Stroke, Bowen for Burnout, Bowen for Diabetes.Contact your local instructor for dates and seminar costs.


Continuing Education


Continuing education begins with accreditation as a Professional Practitioner. To maintain registration members must attend 4 days (32 contact hours) of Bowtech approved seminars in a two year period counted between the even years e.g. within 1/4/16 to 31/3/18.There are three categories – two days must be from category 1, covering basic procedures, while the other two days may be chosen from a range of options.

Your instructor will inform you of the approved seminars.